The Mulberry Blossom Multi-functional Cross-body Bag is the ideal handbag for the subtle and classic handbag wearer. Unlike the over-sized (but super chic) Mulberry Bayswater or the bold and bright Mulberry Primrose, the Mulberry Blossom Cross-body Bag is arguably the most cute and compact yet understated bag from the Mulberry collection. Despite its smaller size, this handbag still effortlessly combines Mulberry’s […]

Bags For Life: Make An Investment #BagForLife

What is a Bag for Life? Handbags such as the Mulberry Bayswater, Anya Hindmarch Maxi Zip and the Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha bag are effortlessly timeless and will be well worth the expense as you will still be carrying these little beauties in many years to come. Unlike many other impulse purchases such as […]

Mulberry Blossom Leather Tote Bag Review #bagreview

The Mulberry Blossom Leather Tote Bag is one of our favourite Mulberry handbags to date. Practical, stylish and very reasonable for a Mulberry, this bag is a must-have for 2015. Unlike the classic Mulberry Bayswater or Mulberry Del Rey, which are fashion icons and recognisable all over the world, the Mulberry Blossom Leather Tote has a more […]

Mulberry Bayswater: Bag Review

The thing about the Mulberry Bayswater is that EVERYONE knows what it is. With it’s distinct features, any Mulberry handbag can be spotted from a far. And, if you’re seen carrying one of these beauties your style credibility instantly rises. The Mulberry Bayswater is the classic Mulberry shape and is a timeless and stylish wardrobe staple […]

Hobo Handbag Heaven #BagTrend #BagServant

Hobo Handbags, the perfect handbag for the Confident Classique kind of lady! With such a variety of  Hobo Handbags on Bagservant, it was rather difficult in trying to choose our favourites.  Hobo handbags have such versatility, they are the ideal handbag to accompany on a lunch date with friends, to take on a shopping trip, […]

Mulberry Bayswater Grainy Print Shoulder Bag: #BagReview

British Fashion house Mulberry always leave us in love with their classic bags and the Mulberry Bayswater Grainy Print Shoulder Bag is no different. The trademark style of Mulberry shines through with the signature postman’s lock to keep all of your belongings safe which features on many of Mulberry’s bags including the Mulberry Bayswater Leather tote […]

Mulberry Ted Bag For Men: Bag Review

Ok, so when we decided to review this smart and slick Mulberry Ted Bag for men, there was a little confusion in the BagServant office. The Mulberry Ted bag is undeniably similar to the newer version, the Mulberry Brynmore handbags for both men and women. AND the Mulberry Brynmore is somewhat cheaper than the Mulberry […]

Mulberry Bayswater Shoulder Bag Review: #BagReview

Mulberry’s  Bayswater Shoulder Bag has to be one of the cutest bags that we have ever seen. This classic signature piece has everything that we love about Mulberry with the simple but elegant look right down to the postman’s lock that features on many of Mulberry’s designs. The Mulberry Bayswater Bag has always been one of […]

Mulberry Suffolk Cross Body Bag Review: Bag Review #bagreview

Mulberry have done it again! That’s right they have bought us another gorgeous and classic bag with their new Mulberry Suffolk Cross Body Bag. This bag epitomizes everything we love about Mulberry with the simple luxury look of the Suffolk pulling on our heart strings.  The latest collection from Mulberry has been shown at London Fashion Week […]

NEW HANDBAG ALERT: Meet the Mulberry Primrose. We love getting a sneaky preview of a new handbag – especially when it’s a Mulberry! The Mulberry Willow and the Mulberry Cecily have certainly wowed us this season and as usual, Mulberry has not let us down with their latest creation. The Mulberry Primrose, which we were lucky enough to […]