Top Ten Bags for Men

There was once a time when men wouldn’t been seen dead carrying a bag, but luckily times have changed! The right bag can compliment any outfit and let’s face it pockets crammed full of stuff looks far from attractive. Guys, step into the 21st century with our favourite man bags!  

Delvaux: Exclusive at Selfridges – Our Top Picks

Today BagServant went on another trip to Selfridges to sample their handbags from the luxurious brand Delvaux. At the press event we got up close and personal with this brand and Selfridges’ beautiful collection of 64 pieces and learnt a great deal about the thinking behind their design and the exclusive models made especially for […]

Fendi vs Aubrey England: Get the Look

Fendi handbags have got it all: style, sophistication, elegance and practicality. And it’s got the huge price tag to top it all off! To some, this is not an obstacle. But if you would rather save your pennies, why not buy this Aubrey England Winchester Tote for a fraction of the price, which has the […]

Lulu Guinness Collection Review: The Tote Line-up

I absolutley adore Lulu Guinness. Her bags give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside with their fun and quirky designs. Which is why I was overjoyed when I heard about her new collection! And I have to say, when I saw the bags, I felt my hand inching towards my credit card. Looks as […]

Today, Sporty Luxe and Big Bag Lover went to day two of the Wimbledon tournament to cheer on Andy Murray. Although, as usual, Big Bag Lover was taking her sweet time preparing for the day’s events… Big Bag Lover’s conundrum is a valid one, even if she does drive her friends crazy. When going for […]

When it comes to handbag trends, or indeed most fashion trends, it’s always about having the statement bag. Your wardrobe always has to have one bag covered in jewels and sequins that will take center stage in your wardrobe. This can be bad news for neutral colour lovers or those who prefer a minimalist style […]

Reiss Handbag Sale On!

  We want to highlight the huge hand bag sale going on at Reiss! They have big bags, small bags, clutch bags, purses, wallets, casual bags and bags for special occassions. They even have a fabulous Astra fabric evening bags with a gorgeous gold shoulder strap for only £77! There’s something for all our bag […]