Marshall Bergman Envelope Clutch! #BagReview

Marshall Bergman are a favourite of ours here at BagServant. Every single one of their bags wows us with the sheer quality and impeccable design down to every single detail. The Marshall Bergman Envelope Clutch bag is certainly no different when it comes to following all of the trademark rules of the amazing Marshall Bergman […]

We all love Michael Kors. From their smart suits to their glamorous watches, Michael Kors brings us the ultimate in sophisticated and stylish fashion. And their handbags are no exception. The Michael Kors Hamilton tote, for example, is an iconic design, recognisable from miles away. What’s more, the Hamilton is modified each season and is available […]

The Mulberry Del Rey: Bag Review #bagreview

Named after the singer Lana Del Rey, the Mulberry Del Rey leather tote bag is inspired by the singer’s signature retro look. Like many other Mulberry handbags, such as the Bayswater tote which we love to review, the Del Rey tote is simple in design and available in a variety of colours. Plus add in […]

Joanna Maxham’s Arm Candy Bag Takes the World by Storm

Since appearing on popular American TV series such as “Girls” and “Goodwife” the Joanna Maxham Arm Candy handbag has catapulted to worldwide stardom, and it is easy to see why. Designed for those days when you cannot decide between work & black tie attire, or simply want to feel luxurious and dressed up, this bag […]

Anya Sushko Karolina Handbag: The Old Karolina

We recently discovered the very talented Anya Sushko and have fallen in love with her gorgeous handbags. From trendy clutches to office totes and quirky day bags, there is something in the Anya Sushko collection for everyone. And this week we were lucky enough to go and visit the handbags in person with blogger ‘TheFashMcQueen’. It was […]

Mulberry Bayswater: Bag Review

The thing about the Mulberry Bayswater is that EVERYONE knows what it is. With it’s distinct features, any Mulberry handbag can be spotted from a far. And, if you’re seen carrying one of these beauties your style credibility instantly rises. The Mulberry Bayswater is the classic Mulberry shape and is a timeless and stylish wardrobe staple […]

DKNY Saffiano Work Shopper: Bag Review

Ladies, doesn’t this gorgeous DKNY Saffiano Leather Large Work Shopper look familiar? Yes? That’s because it almost an exact copy of the original Prada Saffiano Lux Tote Bag – AND it’s a fraction of the cost! And here’s a little secret – we actually prefer the DKNY version! Ok, there are a few differences, like […]

As you may already know, BagServant have quickly become big fans of the Anya Sushko handbag collection. We recently reviewed, the very practical (and beautiful!) Anya Sushko Modern Extravaganza Handbag and thought it was time to try out an evening bag from the collection instead. The Anya Sushko Rose Red Leather Severina Handbag is fun, glamourous, eye-catching and an ideal […]

Anya Sushko Modern Extravaganza Handbag: Bag Review

Anya Susho’s handbags have quickly become a favourite of ours. From the Anya Sushko Karolina tote to the Severina chain shoulder bag, there is an Anya bag for everyone. The Anya Sushko Modern Extravaganza bag is Anya’s staple bag that has inspired many of her other creations, so we test-drove the bag to find out what […]

 Anya Sushko is a designer we love here at BagServant! The sophistication and luxury of the bags mixed with the quirkiness makes us just melt at the sight of them. You can imagine walking down a busy street in London to work or just a girly shopping trip and people would instantly recognise the beauty […]