I absolutley adore Lulu Guinness. Her bags give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside with their fun and quirky designs. Which is why I was overjoyed when I heard about her new collection! And I have to say, when I saw the bags, I felt my hand inching towards my credit card. Looks as though she’s done it again. Even better news is that Lulu’s entire range is now featured on BagServant.

Lulu Guinness The Tote line-up:Don’t be dissapointed by the lack of Lulu’s Lip Clutch Bags, as these gorgeous totes more than make up for it. My first pick of the collection was the Librarian Doll Face Large Wanda Tote (£275), a super cool combination of beauty and brains and just a little pinch of attitude. This bag is structured and has a gorgeous red interior and is very gadget friendly with a phone pocket and enough room for a laptop or an iPad, perfect for a spunky Boardroom Perfectionist. The next pick is the Black Book Shop Medium Edith Tote (£325), probably my favourite out of the whole collection. It’s design is inspired by Charing Cross station in London and is described as having the perfect balance between wit and sophistication. Couldn’t agree more Lulu. Carry this gorgeous bag over the shoulder or on your elbow to carry your essentials on a stroll through town.  Next up we have the lovely curvacious Red Cross Hatched Leather Medium Eva (£450) which would be a perfect addition to our Vintage Queen’s wardrobe. You might think, ‘it’s not real vintage’, but with its black and white stripe interior and 1940’s style inspiration, I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with it like I have. Finally in our Tote line-up I’ve picked the Black Quilted Lips Lily Tote (£125), which is a new style for Lulu’s season (Trendsetters take a note). Lovers of the signature lip design will love this bag and will be getting a spacious and sporty companion to an outfit in the process. Sporty Luxes who are into darker colours will enjoy this bag especially.

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