Interview with Anya Sushko

Bag Servant talked with luxury handbag designer Anya Sushko to find out more about her plans and inspirations:




What top five items do you carry in your handbag?

Make up bag, my phone – love it! Wallet, business cards, Jean Paul Gautier umbrella for those surprising London showers!


What other brands do you admire & would like to work with?

There is a lot of both iconic as well as new talent that I find an inspiration – rising stars such as Mary Katrantzou, Alexander Wang, and designers who have defined our times such as Valentino.


If you were not a handbag designer, what would you be doing?

I’d be running my dance group and would participate in dance concerts! I love dancing and I used to do ballet in my teens. It’d be a contemporary dance group – creative & challenging perceptions.


You have made a bespoke Karolina for Lenka which has received lots of popularity & been adored by lots of people. What are your plans for Karolina?

I loved working on this project with my design team & seeing the bag develop. I would love to keep customising the bag and make it more affordable. I’d love to push the bespoke but affordable offering forward – really invigorating & injecting life into the concept. I would also love to work with a blogger on launching the bag and making it come alive for a different audience. As well as a high profile public figure – a celebrity, who would be a great match and would love to wear it!



What are the top 3 things you love about being a handbag designer?

I love creativity and freedom in designing, although it is not always possible to unleash my full creative potential as I have to keep in mind what the customer wants rather than what I want…It’s a learning curve.
I like seeing people enjoying handbags I have made.
I love sketching handbags as well as connecting with & working closely with clients to meet their needs.


Anything to share with the readers?

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