Delvaux: Launching Exclusively at Selfridges – The Ultimate Luxury Bag

Anyone who is a fan of designer, actress and TV personality Nicole Richie’s style will love to hear about one of her favourite handbag brands Delvaux, which is now being launched at Selfridges. We at BagServant went to take a look at some of the gorgeous selection of bags they have on sale and some of the exclusive colours they are displaying.

As you can see by this lovely display, Delvaux offer a wide selection of unique looking bags all in the same alternative tote shape, a perfect style for our Confident Classiques. The brand itself originates from Belgium and is one of the oldest luxury leather goods companys in the world, with its business dating back to 1829. Delvaux prides itself on the quality leathers they use to make their products, which range from calves born and bred in Italy and France to exotic leathers from alligators and ostriches. These materials are tested for resistance to colour fading, water droplets and your average wear and tear. These bags are also hand made, and only 15,000 are made every year. In fact they are so exclusive that the signature of the craftsman who made your bag comes with your order with more options to add your initals on the front or on the tag or choose your own colour combinations, which will take at least six months to make. Furthermore, they offer a repair service if your bag is ever damaged. It’s all rather posh isn’t it?

This blue version, and in fact all of their coloured leather Delvaux bags, are exclusive to Selfridges. We tested them and found that the buckle to open the bag is a bit stiff and difficult to use. However, this could work to your advantage as it is very well secured and provides security for your essentials. Plus, it is real leather and like buying a new pair of leather shoes, you do have to be patient and let the material give slightly. We also found that this bag is not gadget friendly, so we wouldn’t recommend using it for carrying a great deal around with you. This would be an ideal bag to take with you for a dinner with a client and could easily be used for a night outfit after a day at the office.

This orange number is the most expensive version they had, which is made of alligator skin and is priced at £9,565. The colour would definatley appeal to our Sugar Delights and our Little Miss Labels who would enjoy showing this bag off for a long time as this is the sort of style that is consistently fashionable all year round.

Finally we have the bigger version of their signature handbag. Do not be fooled by the size, it may be a little difficult to fit a tablet computer into it and a laptop would definately be out of the question. They do offer a model called the Madame bi-coloured shoulder bag, which appeal more to our Sporty Luxe because of its sporty look as opposed to the classic look of the tote handbag.

We love the brand and the style and we see it as a potential to be a long term statement bag. Is it going to replace the Hermes status?

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