Cath Kidston Spot Washed Messenger Handbag: Bag Review

Looking for a Messenger Handbag to take with you during a day out? Or are you looking for a back to take with you to college or university?  Then look no further as this week we have been testing out the Cath Kidston Spot Washed Messenger Handbag.


Handbag Experience 

When we first saw this bag we instantly fell in love with the bright red colour and the creamy  polka dots. This Cath Kidston Spot Washed Messenger bag is a relaxed style that looks great worn across the body. This design features the classic Cath Kidston Spot print, with quirky Mini Riding print lining and fully adjustable rainbow coloured handle. There are also some handy pockets, perfect for your phone or purse – two on the inside and two on the outside! The bag is light-weight, comfortable to carry and strong.

When and Where is it Perfect for?

A perfect day bag, this Cath Kidston Spot Washed Messenger Handbag is ideal for the ultimate Chic Yummy Mummy. Additionally, Miss Practicals will love the functionality of this cute bag and those who consider their style to be Sporty Luxe  will love the way you can squeeze in your plimsoles, bottle of water, umbrella and map/book when out and about. It is also the ideal school/uni bag!


With it’s original and fun lining, this bags looks as great on the inside as it does on the outside. There are two inside pockets (without zips) – which are ideal for notepads/pens/diaries. As mentioned, it is roomy enough to fit your everyday essentials. Cute, cheerful and quirky – inside and out.


Being 100% cotton this Cath Kidston Spot Washed Messenger Handbag really is ideal for busy mums on the go. It’s machine washable and SO easy to care for – with cotton there’s no need to worry about scratches or stains.

BagServant’s thoughts

From high-flying executives to yummy mummies, every woman has a bit of a ‘thing’ for Cath Kidston products. We think this Cath Kidston Spot Washed Messenger Handbag is incredibly cute, practical and fun. At £40 it’s also a bargain! Being able to wash it in the washing machine makes it even more functional and ideal for those on the go. It’s also bigger than it looks from the outside so fits in everything you may need on a day out. We know we can rely on Cath Kidston for great quality too, this bag is an all round winner.

Ratings: Stars 1-5 (5 being the best)

Value for money 5
Practicality 5
Wow Factor 4
BagServant love 4

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