Anya Sushko Handbags – The New Collection

We are pleased to welcome to BagServant the Anya Sushko 2015 collection. The collection welcomes adorable wristlets, funky make-up bags and party time clutches which are sure to brighten up your accessory collection. In an array of colours, sizes and materials, Anya Sushko handbags are still a relatively new and exciting handbag range, and we […]

Marshall Bergman Envelope Clutch! #BagReview

Marshall Bergman are a favourite of ours here at BagServant. Every single one of their bags wows us with the sheer quality and impeccable design down to every single detail. The Marshall Bergman Envelope Clutch bag is certainly no different when it comes to following all of the trademark rules of the amazing Marshall Bergman […]

Michael Michael Kors Medium Sutton Satchel #BagReview

The Michael Michael Kors Medium Sutton Satchel is a fabulous new shaped handbag and one of the latest additions to the Michael Kors collection. A fusion of the Michael Kors Hamilton Tote and Michael Kors Jet Set Tote, the Sutton Satchel brings a cheerful twist to your Spring outfit, and is very reasonably priced! Following […]

Get Ready For Your Valentines Day Date #ValentinesDay

The day of love is imminently upon us and we are loving the cute Valentines Day designer bags that are gracing our bag lover eyes at the moment! From the lip pursing Lulu Guinness to cute creations of Charlotte Olympia, there is sure to be a little something for every lucky lady out there. Whether […]

Cambridge Satchels: The Ultimate Accessory For This Spring

The Cambridge Satchel Company has changed the handbag world for good. Founded in 2008 the Cambridge Satchel Company has brought us delightful leather satchels in a variety of wonderful colours and all made right here in Britain. Pushing the boring doctor bags and structured totes to one side, the Cambridge Satchels bring a cheerful and […]

The Mulberry Blossom Multi-functional Cross-body Bag is the ideal handbag for the subtle and classic handbag wearer. Unlike the over-sized (but super chic) Mulberry Bayswater or the bold and bright Mulberry Primrose, the Mulberry Blossom Cross-body Bag is arguably the most cute and compact yet understated bag from the Mulberry collection. Despite its smaller size, this handbag still effortlessly combines Mulberry’s […]

Bags For Life: Make An Investment #BagForLife

What is a Bag for Life? Handbags such as the Mulberry Bayswater, Anya Hindmarch Maxi Zip and the Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha bag are effortlessly timeless and will be well worth the expense as you will still be carrying these little beauties in many years to come. Unlike many other impulse purchases such as […]

Mulberry Blossom Leather Tote Bag Review #bagreview

The Mulberry Blossom Leather Tote Bag is one of our favourite Mulberry handbags to date. Practical, stylish and very reasonable for a Mulberry, this bag is a must-have for 2015. Unlike the classic Mulberry Bayswater or Mulberry Del Rey, which are fashion icons and recognisable all over the world, the Mulberry Blossom Leather Tote has a more […]

Michael Kors Collection: Our Favourite Handbags

What more can we say about Michael Kors handbag? Their handbags have quickly become some of the most iconic in the world and we just love them. The Michael Kors Hamilton Tote for example, is recognisable from anywhere and is the crème de la crème of the handbag universe. The Michael Kors Jet Set Tote and the […]

Beat Those January Blues: Bold Bright Handbags

It’s only January and we have already broken every single one of our New Year’s resolutions. It’s dull and dreary outside and summer seems a long way away. But never fear, we have just the ticket to cheer up this boring January day – the boldest, brightest, funnest handbags on the market. From neon pinks […]