Cambridge Satchels: The Ultimate Accessory For This Spring

The Cambridge Satchel Company has changed the handbag world for good. Founded in 2008 the Cambridge Satchel Company has brought us delightful leather satchels in a variety of wonderful colours and all made right here in Britain.

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Pushing the boring doctor bags and structured totes to one side, the Cambridge Satchels bring a cheerful and bright attitude to handbags.

Whilst the classic satchel is an ideal work accessory for the busy working lady, the Cambridge Satchel Company has now expanded its collection and includes mini satchels, totes, clutches, wallets and much more for both men and women. You are sure to find the ideal satchel for you in this wide collection.

What we love about Cambridge Satchels is that they add a playful twist to any outfit. With its school girl charisma, the Cambridge Satchel is a sure fire way to brighten up a dull work outfit.

Don’t miss out on this hot trend, pick your favourite colour and be on trend this spring.

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