Aubrey England: The Crofton Family


We are pleased to say that we were given the privilege of visiting British brand Aubrey England and we came across the Crofton family. The collection is made up of neutral shades of luxury leather and suede. We were totally spoilt, as we were given the opportunity to get to know this family on a personal level…

Meet the Crofton Handheld. This member of the Crofton family is extremely gadget friendly, Ideal for carrying your laptop, iPad or Kindle.

It is very spacious, making it a must-have for Big Bag Lovers. It has multiple compartments in the interior and has an easy to use design.

Boardroom Perfectionsists and Confident Classiques would love it because of its ultra sophisticated design and classic silhouette.

Panels of suede and opulent gold fittings make this bag luxurious and stylish.

This member of the family is the Crofton Shoulder Bag. This bag oozes style and sophistication. The shorter handle makes it easy to carry, so you can look chic and feel comfortable at the same time. Confident Classiques and Boardroom Perfectionists, this one is for you.

Be part of the trend and double your style by pairing one of the larger bags with a smaller one.

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